Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Donovan McNabb isn't going anywhere....yet

Donovan McNabb appears to be on his way out of Philly. Or not.

Andy Reid set off a firestorm with his comments today that any Eagles quarterback could be had for the right price, a statement that caused Donovan McNabb rumors to fly all afternoon. First, there was the rumored trade the Rams had "on the table", which would have been for their early second round pick and safety Oshiomogho Atogwe. Just when that rumor started to gain some real traction and turn into an "imminent" trade, Rams officials stepped forward and promptly squashed it, putting everything back to square one.

Then, Jay Glazer, one of the most reliable sources around the NFL, shared on Twitter that four teams have shown interest in McNabb, including the Bills and Raiders. If we can presume that the Rams are the third team, that means there is another unnamed team (Seahawks?) in the mix.

Despite the avalanche of rumors and speculation, the Eagles haven't really changed their stance since the beginning of the offseason. The team has stated all along that they would only move a quarterback for the right offer, meaning they would need to be blown away. Perhaps the Eagles have come down a bit from that statement and are now willing to take a little less for McNabb or even Kevin Kolb, but there is nothing in what they are saying that shows they are in any hurry to make a trade or that they are even definitely going to make a move. Sure, they would be almost foolish to keep McNabb, Kolb and Michael Vick on the roster for another year, but they aren't going to make a move just for the hell of it. They still need to get whatever perceived value they think their players are worth.

Keep in mind also that Donovan McNabb only has one more year left on his contract. All of the teams rumored to get him are bad teams that, at best, would only be longshots for a playoff spot with McNabb. Sure, they would sell a few more tickets, but what would be the point in getting McNabb for a year if you aren't a contender? Considering he wants to win a title, there's no way McNabb signs a long-term deal to stay in St. Louis or Oakland, yet those teams would demand that he sign an extension with them before making a deal or they would just be throwing picks away for a few extra bucks at the gate.

So, what happens now? We know that the Eagles would love to move a quarterback and that their preference is getting rid of Michael Vick. Since no one in the league wants Vick, that leaves McNabb and Kolb on the table. Since Kolb is perceived as the quarterback of the future, the Eagles would probably want a pretty hefty package for him, and that leaves McNabb as the most likely QB to get traded. However, it takes two teams to make a trade, and if the Eagles don't get the right offer, McNabb isn't going anywhere.

Which is exactly where we have been since the beginning of the offseason. If the Eagles get the right offer for any of their quarterbacks, they will make the trade. If I were to make a guess, I say that the Eagles are more likely to keep Kolb and McNabb then they are to trade either one. While Vick is the wild card because you never know who will make a desperate offer, I don't think the rest of the league values the Eagles QB's the same way Andy Reid does. All of that means we are probably in for one more year of McNabb under center, which really isn't as bad as Eagles fans make it seem. The guy can still play, folks, whether you're sick of him or not.

Strap yourselves in for a few more months of McNabb rumors, things are really going to heat up as we head into the draft. If you aren't already sick of all the speculation, you will be soon enough. Just like McNabb himself said, let's all hope, for our own sanity, that things get sorted out soon.

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