Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sixers to fire Eddie Jordan

Kate Fagan of the Inquirer is reporting some of the best Sixers news I've heard in a while: Eddie Jordan is going to be fired. According to Fagan, Jordan could be fired at any time but will definitely not be the coach of the Sixers after this season.

All I have to say is that it's about time. Many, including me, rolled their eyes when GM Ed Stefanski made the obvious hire of a coach he had previously worked with despite the fact that Jordan has had very little success in the NBA. Now, after leading the Sixers to a 23-40 record, it's clear that Jordan's "vaunted" Princeton offense isn't working and that the Sixers are terrible defensively.

Fagan also reports that the Sixers will be evaluating Ed Stefanski and that he may be on the way out, too. As much as I like Stefanski as a person, he has made a series of questionable moves that no good GM would make. He probably should be fired for the Elton Brand contract alone.

It's time for a whole new regime for the Sixers, hopefully one that can get the team out of the doldrums they are currently stuck in. There is some talent there and the right coach can find a way to get this team at least playing .500 basketball.

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