Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Day is here: NFL Week 12 Predictions

It's time for some Thanksgiving football! It would be nice if the games were a little better but there is nothing like stuffing your face and then watching some football. Here are my Week 12 picks. Remember, picks this year are made against the spread and I'll be using the spread values that ESPN uses in their Pigskin Pick'em game. I'm coming off my best week of the season so let's see if I can build on that momentum!

Record Last Week: 10-6, .625
Overall Record: 81-79, .506

Thanksgiving Games:

Patriots (8-2) @ Lions (2-8, +6.5)
This is the first of three likely Thanksgiving blowouts. I like the Patriots to win by at least two touchdowns. At what point can we take away the Thanksgiving Game from the Lions, anyway? My pick: Patriots

Saints (7-3) @ Cowboys (3-7, +3.5)
Sure, the Cowboys have looked better since Wade Phillips was fired, but their schedule in the coming weeks is going to make it very difficult to continue their upward swing. Somehow, the Saints have gone from Super Bowl winner to under the radar contender. My pick: Saints

Bengals (2-8) @ Jets (8-2, +9.5)
Given that the Jets never beat anyone by more than 7, this is the one Turkey Day game that I think will be within a touchdown. Of course, I doubt anyone will be watching this one after a full day of football and food. My pick: Bengals

Sunday Day Games:

Packers (7-3) @ Falcons (8-2, -2.5)
This game and the Sunday Night game are the two best games of the week. With these two teams and the Eagles battling to be the best in the NFC, expect a close game with a lot of points. I expect this game to go to whoever gets the ball last. My pick: Packers

Steelers (7-3) @ Bills (2-8, +6.5)
As impressed as I've been with the Bills in recent weeks, there is no way they hang with the Steelers. My pick: Steelers

Panthers (1-9) @ Browns (3-7, -10.5)
How bad has the Panthers season gotten that even the Browns are more than 10 point favorites against them? Despite how terrible they have looked, I like the Panthers to lose by just a touchdown. My pick: Panthers

Jaguars (6-4) @ Giants (6-4, -7.5)
As long as Eli Manning finds a way to not be a turnover machine, expect a nice bounceback game for the Giants. Still, even though I am no believer in the Jaguars, a 7.5 spread is a bit high. My pick: Jaguars

Vikings (3-7) @ Redskins (5-5, -2.5)
Can a new coach give the Vikings the same bump that the Cowboys got? Maybe, though I don't think anyone can make Brett Favre look 10 years younger. I have so little faith in the Redskins, though, that I have to go with Minnesota. My pick: Vikings

Titans (5-5) @ Texans (4-6, -6.5)
At first glance, I was going with the Titans because the Texans are just terrible right now. Then, I remembered that Rusty Smith is starting at quarterback. Even the Texans crappy defense can figure out a way to keep the Titans team off the board. My pick: Texans

Chiefs (6-4) @ Seahawks (5-5, +1.5)
If the Chiefs intend to hold off the Chargers and get themselves a playoff spot, they need to beat teams like the Seahawks. My pick: Chiefs

Dolphins (5-5) @ Raiders (5-5, -3.5)
The Dolphins schedule has been brutal and they don't catch any breaks as they go into Oakland and play a decent Raiders team. Then again, with how bad their offense has looked, it doesn't really matter who the Dolphins play. My pick: Raiders

Eagles (7-3) @ Bears (7-3, +3.5)
This will be a tough one for the Eagles, who have to go on the road and face a solid Bears defense. If the Bears watched even a second of footage of the Giants against the Eagles, expect Mike Vick to see plenty of blitzes. Still, I don't see the Bears doing anything on offense, so I like the Eagles to win a low-scoring game by a touchdown. My pick: Eagles

Bucs (7-3) @ Ravens (7-3, -7.5)
The reason the Bucs have 7 wins has been their easy schedule. Sure, they can beat teams like the Panthers, Bengals and Rams, but when it comes to playing good teams like the Steelers, Saints and Falcons, they just haven't been able to keep up. The Ravens area a good team so I expect the Bucs to lost but not by more than a touchdown. My pick: Bucs

Rams (4-6) @ Broncos (3-7, -3.5)
The Broncos defense is just brutal. Expect Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson to go off and for the Rams to pull off the win on the road. My pick: Rams

Sunday Night Game:

Chargers (5-5) @ Colts (6-4, -3.5)
The Colts certainly have had a tough schedule this year and things don't get any easier this week. With how things are shaping up in the AFC this year, it's looking like one of these two teams won't make the playoffs, so this is a huge game. I like the Chargers to at least keep it close. My pick: Chargers

Monday Night Game:

Niners (3-7) @ Cardinals (3-7, +1.5)
Oh, man, what an awful Monday Night Game. Who's going to watch this? My pick: Niners

Those are my picks for Week 12 of the NFL Season. Check back every Thursday during the season for the latest predictions. Feel free to discuss, argue or make your own picks in the comment section!

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