Monday, November 1, 2010

Goodbye, stopwatch: Davey Lopes leaves the Phillies

An integral member of the Phillies has left the organization. Due to a difference in opinion on salary compensation, first base coach Davey Lopes has walked away from the team. Apparently, the Phillies made a contract offer that Lopes deemed to be too low based on his perceived value to the team.

The impact that Lopes had on the club was huge, as he helped Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins become two of the most dangerous base stealers in the game. Lopes likely did a great deal behind the scenes, something he was hoping to be compensated for but the Phillies weren't willing to meet his salary demands. He will not be an easy person to replace.

It's a shame that the Phillies lost a key member of the coaching staff just because of money, but the front office must place only a certain value on a first base coach. Given how successful he had been with the Phillies running game, you would think that the Phillies would have done what it took to bring Lopes back, but apparently they weren't willing to open their wallet.

Lopes deserves plenty of credit for all he did with the Phillies, especially the contributions he made towards the 2008 title. Look for him to catch on with another team and be very successful.