Monday, November 15, 2010

Phillies re-sign Jose Contreras

One of the most important bullpen pieces for the Phillies will be back next year: Jose Contreras has signed a 2 year contract (with a team option for a third year) worth 5.5 million dollars to remain in Philly. Contreras, who is 38 going on 60, was very reliable out of the pen last year, posting a 3.34 ERA and 1.22 WHIP while striking out 57 batters in 67 innings of work. Although some will be annoyed by Contreras getting a two year deal, if he can put up numbers anywhere close to that in the next two seasons, he will be more than worth 5.5 million dollars.

The re-signing of Contreras is just one of several bullpen signings the Phillies are expected to make in the coming months. With J.C. Romero recently shown the door, the team is in the market for a lefty or two. They also will be looking to re-sign Chad Durbin, who is currently a free agent, though several teams have apparently shown interest in signing Durbin.

Add the needed bullpen pieces to whatever the Phillies plan to do with their rotation and in right field and you have the makings of another interesting offseason. Ruben Amaro better get to work.

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