Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eagles KO Austin Collie; was it a legal hit?

In the second quarter of the Eagles/Colts game, there was an ugly collision between Colts receiver Austin Collie and Eagles defensive backs Kurt Coleman and Quintin Mikell. On the play, the Eagles drew a penalty though the announcers and the CBS halftime crew all agreed that it was a clean hit. Here's the hit:

To me, I see an unfortunate injury on a clean hit. I know the league is trying to crack down on big hits but Coleman wasn't leading with his head. What say you?

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Chris Patrick said...

Well, I understand that though the front office's heart is in the right place, these calls are getting absurd. If EITHER Coleman or Mikell (Philly DBs) are fined for a legal hit on a running receiver (who coincidentally fumbled by the way) after INCIDENTAL HELMET CONTACT, I am done with the NFL. May as well be two hand touch.

They can give you all this crap about how refs are human, this, that, the other, but they're taking money out of these guys' pockets from their crappy calls. Where is this money going, anyway? They're becoming like a little government. I am a man of my word, and if they do get fined, I welcome the free time. They'll never get a dime of my money from there forward.

Anyone else feel the same?