Saturday, January 9, 2010

That looked familiar: Cowboys end Eagles season with another beatdown

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Same opponent. Same location. Unfortunately, same result.

For the first time in the Andy Reid era, an Eagles season was ended in their first playoff game of the postseason. In a repeat of the Week 17 blowout, the Cowboys had their way with the Eagles, dominating them from start to finish in a 34-14 win.

As much as it pains me to admit, the Cowboys are simply better than the Eagles. Their defense hounded Donovan McNabb all game long, forcing him to scramble out of the pocket and rush his throws. The Cowboy offense also seemed one step ahead of the Birds D, calling screen plays when the Eagles blitzed and moving the ball at will. Really, the only thing that kept the Cowboys from putting up more points were untimely penalties that kept them off the board in the first quarter.

As for the Eagles, we will spend another offseason wondering what to make of the team. Are the Eagles a great team that simply ran into a team that had their number? Or, are the Eagles simply a good team that doesn't quite have enough talent to keep up with the best in the league?

Of course, you know that no offseason will be complete without the obligatory Donovan McNabb drama. As far as I'm concerned, McNabb did everything he could with what little protection he got against the swarming Cowboys defensive line. McNabb was forced out of the pocket on nearly every passing play and had to improvise most of the game. Despite this loss not being his fault, many fans in Philadelphia are going to call for him to be shipped out of town. Those that want him out, I ask you to please tell me who the Eagles should turn to at quarterback that will be better. Michael Vick is not an acceptable answer. Kevin Kolb is not a proven commodity. Hopefully the Eagles front office understands that this team needs to improve a lot more in other areas than they do at QB.

So another season ends in disappointment for the Eagles, this time without a deep run into the playoffs. It was a typical Eagles season, filled with big wins and bad losses and the belief that, if the team plays to their potential, they could beat anyone. As Eagles fans, we keep rooting because we know, at some point, they will put it all together and win the Super Bowl. We only hope that it will happen in our lifetime.



How did that taste Philly? All that garbage and then get beat by 20 points? The winter will seem THAT much colder now.

Anonymous said...

Yep....that pretty much reeked. Clean house a bit and try again next year. The Super Bowl will be in Cowboy Stadium next time. Oh, joy!

T-Bone said...

Well, we probably shouldn't have expected much better considering that the Birds beat only one -- I repeat, ONE -- opponent all year who ended the season with a winning record -- and that was the Ryan-less Falcons who had their waterboy playing QB that day. That's really a very sad commentary on the actual performance level of this team. I will refrain from my usual rant against Reid, whom I consider the single most significant problem. I don't really care how many playoff appearances, or NFC finals, this guy has engineered (or stumbled into): the bottom line is that he'll NEVER produce a championship team, and now has the distinction of adding a first round loss to his other playoff losses. It's a demonstrable fact that the team, and McNabb in particular, perform at their best when there's a (relatively) balanced offense. Yet over and over Reid returns to his pass-happy addiction, a particularly stupid strategy when your O-line is in shambles. But Big Red always knows best... What a joke! And, despite your support of McNabb, I believe it's time for him to head into the sunset (or, better for him, toward the sunshine of Arizona if Warner retires). My biggest problem with DM -- and a factor I'm convinced contributes to this team's ongoing problems -- is his utter lack of leadership. This was amply demonstrated by his disgraceful comments after last week's Dallas debacle in which he threw the young players under the bus. This guy never ceases proclaiming himself the team leader, but invariably points his finger everywhere but at himself when things fall apart. His comment yesterday about taking responsibility is as hollow as Reid's endless "I have to do a better job" crap. Kolb has absolutely demonstrated that he's ready to start, and though he may not have #5's game (although he might turn out to have more -- who knows?), I firmly believe that he would show more leadership in his first starting season than McNabb will show in his entire career. With all the young talent on this team, it was critical for a veteran QB like #5 this season to LEAD (particularly with the absence of Dawk)-- instead he reverted to form with finger pointing. I'm old enough to have suffered through scores of thoroughly hopeless, horrid seasons with the Birds -- and I painfully remember clueless, fraudulent owners and front offices. But I can honestly say I have never despised a group with the intensity that I reserve for the smug, arrogant, self-congratulatory Lurie/Banner/Reid cabal. And I actually see McNabb as a junior partner of this bunch. A pox on them all! They simply don't deserve the support of the greatest sports fans in the world here in Philly.

GaroH said...

Wow. +1 for T-Bone. Perfect. Literally, perfect.

I want to link to your comment from every corner of the internet.

JFein said...

Well said, T-Bone. That is why Andy Reid should be fired. He will never win a playoff game. Lurie and Banner are as cocky as they come and Reid is right up there with them.

And yes, McNabb does do best when the offense is balanced. If the Eagles can find him a better head coach and run a balanced offense, then I think there is a chance for him to prove his leadership as I do not think he is a bad quarterback by any stretch of the imagination. He just gets put in scenarios that are no win for him.

The only thing with Kolb is that he has only started 2 games. He looked darn good in those games, but we can't say for sure whether or not he is capable of going through the rigors of a 16-game season. Give McNabb a solid offensive line and I think you will see massive improvement out of him.

Patrick Sullivan said...

Agreed that the O-line needs work. Will they cut the Andrews' brothers ? Are both Cole and Jean-Gilles free agents with the cap-free situation? I'm not sure, but things could look very, very different next year.

And I think the biggest difference between this year and last is the D. Stew Bradley coming back helps a ton, but they need some defensive playmakers and I hope the draft is focused there - defensive end opposite Trent Cole, safety, linebacker, tackle depth, and cornerback depth.

I also think they need one more running back... Westbrook might come back, but they don't seem inclined to make him the feature back anymore. McCoy, however, could benefit from some competition.

And please, please resign Weaver.

The good news? The Eagles will be able to sign free agents while the Cowboys will not (unless losing one of equal value).

Anonymous said...

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