Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blanton signs 3 year extension with Phillies

Cross another one off the arbitration list. According to Todd Zolecki on Twitter, Joe Blanton, who was asking for 10 million in arbitration, agreed to a 3 year, 24 million dollar contract with the Phillies. The deal will keep Blanton with the Phillies through 2012, meaning the Phillies top 4 starters (Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, Blanton, J.A. Happ) will be together for a few more years.

Another solid move for the Phillies. Getting Blanton, a steady number 3 starter, signed for 8 million dollars a year, isn't a steal but it is a fair deal for both sides. Blanton has been an incredibly consistent anchor in the middle of the Phillies rotation and has made 30 plus starts in each of his 5 full seasons in the MLB. While he hasn't been spectacular by any means, at least, with Blanton, you know what you are going to get: about a dozen wins and no injury issues.

The Phillies still have two more players to deal with in arbitration: Shane Victorino and Carlos Ruiz. There is talk that both are going to get locked up in multi-year deals very soon.

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