Monday, January 11, 2010

Reid: McNabb is the starting QB in 2010

Eagles coach Andy Reid gave his season ending press conference today and gave his usual mixture of coughs and non-answers. Just about the only notable thing that came from the presser was Reid's assertion that Donovan McNabb would be the starting quarterback for the Birds in 2010.

Of course, what else would you expect Reid to say? He never reveals his true intentions about anything in his press conferences, so it's not like Reid would just come out and say that the Eagles were going to trade McNabb. Reid would never publicly throw his players under the bus, either, so it's not like he's going to discuss McNabb's shortcomings or failures to win the big game. One thing Reid did make clear was that it was his call whether McNabb would be the starter, not the front office.

Reid also said in his presser that he thought Kevin Kolb could be a starter, so that could have been an attempt to pump up Kolb for a trade or just something to make the young QB feel better. Like McNabb, Kolb has just one year left on his contract and could easily be moved this offseason.

The take home message from Andy Reid's press conference? McNabb is the quarterback of the Eagles. At least for now.

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JFein said...

I think that Reid and the Eagles Front Office value McNabb so much that the only way they would trade him is if they get blown away by an offer.