Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sure, the Capitals beat the Flyers, but at least we don't have "Caps Rap"

Yeah, yeah, the Capitals beat the Flyers for the third time this season on Sunday, 5-3. While the Flyers played well, the Capitals are simply the better all-around team right now. They took advantage of a shaky return to the ice by goaltender Ray Emery and wore down the Flyers.

We can still hold our heads up high, though, Flyers fans, because we know none of our fans would do anything as ridiculous as this:

Just, wow, how horrific is that? It's so bad, it's good, it's like a car wreck that you can look away from. The best part about it is about 2 minutes in when the fake Alex Ovechkin starts rapping about eating Penguins.

In fact, that's one thing we can all agree on: the Penguins are nature's crybabies.

**Credit for the heads up on the video goes to @Mtrible on Twitter.

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