Friday, January 8, 2010

Another ex-Phillie joins the Astros: Brett Myers

Former Phillie and current Astros GM Ed Wade sure loves former Phillies players. Entering this offseason, Wade already had Michael Bourn and Jason Michaels on the roster of and he had since added Pedro Feliz. So, when the Phillies decided to part ways with Brett Myers, it became clear that Houston would be his next logical destination.

Pending a physical, the Astros have agreed to sign Brett Myers to a one year, 5 million dollar contract. Houston will likely give Myers a chance to earn a spot in the starting rotation but could also use his help in the bullpen should he falter. Myers is only 29, so he should have some solid seasons ahead of him, but I don't think anyone will miss him too much here in Philadelphia.

Like Scott Eyre yesterday, Myers deserves thanks for all he did in '08. He was with the organization since 1999 so he was here for the good and the bad and always gave everything he could on the field. While we could have done without some of his off the field stupidity, Myers should get a nice round of applause if/when he pitches for the Astros in Philadelphia this season.

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Anonymous said...

good riddance Myers. Still think we should have resigned Feliz. Defense will be sorely missed.