Monday, January 18, 2010

Brian Westbrook to call it quits?

With Brian Westbrook set to make over 7 million dollars next year, there has been speculation that the Eagles would be cutting ties with their longtime running back this offseason. Given the emergence of LeSean McCoy and his deteriorating production, the Eagles would be foolish to bring back Westbrook at that high of a price tag. It would be a tough decision, much like the way the Eagles let Brian Dawkins walk, but the Eagles would have to cut Westbrook.

According to Howard Eskin on WIP, though, Brian Westbrook might be forced to make the decision for them: due to his injured knee, Westbrook is contemplating retirement. Apparently Westbrook's left knee, which has really been beaten up over the years, may be in such bad shape that he won't be able to play football again. Westbrook will likely be going to multiple doctors in the coming weeks to figure out if he should take the field again.

It's always sad when a player can't go out on his own terms and is forced into retirement. Given his health issues, it looks like no team in the league would take a chance on Westbrook, except maybe the Eagles, who would want him to take a severe pay cut. It's interesting that it's the knee issues that may force him to retire and no mention has been made of the concussions that Westbrook suffered last season, those could be just yet another reason for Westbrook to walk away.

The writing is on the wall for Brian Westbrook. He's likely in a situation where if he keeps playing football, he could have trouble walking for the rest of his life. While us Eagles fans would be sad to see him go, Westbrook needs to do what is best for his health and livelihood.

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