Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sixers get a shooter: Jason Kapono

Ever since he traded away Kyle Korver, GM Ed Stefanski has made it his mission to get a shooter on the Sixers roster. He was able to acquire one today, getting a player who can really do nothing but shoot the ball.

The Sixers have acquired former three point contest winner Jason Kapono from the Toronto Raptors for Reggie Evans. Kapono is a 6-year veteran who has played for five different teams, averaging 7.5 points per game in his career. He is essentially a three point shooter and nothing more, hitting 45% from the three point line for his career while averaging about one assist and two rebounds per game from the small forward position. Kapono is pretty much a defensive liability, so his role will be limited to being a shooter off the bench.

To get Kapono, the Sixers had to give up a hustle guy in Reggie Evans. Evans didn't really have much talent, but he was always willing to work hard and was a great character guy. With both Elton Brand and Jason Smith returning from injury, Evans was likely going to get phased out anyway.

This was a solid move for the Sixers. A player like Kapono won't bring them a championship, but he gives the team a threat to actually hit an open shot, something the Sixers have lacked the past few years.

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