Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eagles have only 2 rookies left to sign: Maclin and McCoy

While rumors continue to circulate about the Eagles re-working Donovan McNabb's contract, the team is still busy signing their rookie draft picks. The Birds drafted 8 players and have now signed all but 2 of them. Of course, the two unsigned players are top picks Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy, who are both likely waiting to see what the market looks like for other rookies before they sign their deals.

Here is a complete list of Eagles draft picks and their contract status:
Jeremy Maclin, WR: No contract yet
LeSean McCoy, RB: No contract yet
Cornelius Ingram, TE: 4 years, 1.9 million, $183,000 signing bonus
Victor "Macho" Harris, CB: 4 years, 1.93 million, $180,000 signing bonus
Fenuki Tupou, OT: 4 years
Brandon Gibson, WR: 4 years
Paul Fanaika, OG: 4 years
Moise Fokou, LB: 4 years, 1.8 million, $47,000 signing bonus

I was unable to find the contract values for Tupou, Gibson and Fanaika, but you can assume, based on the pattern above, that it's in the 1.8-1.9 million dollar range, with a signing bonus above 47,000 and below 180,000.


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