Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flyers vs. Bruins in 2010 Winter Classic

The rumors have proven to be true: the Flyers will be in the 2010 Winter Classic. In a game that will be played on January 1st, 2010 at Fenway Park, the Flyers will square off against the Boston Bruins in the 3rd annual Winter Classic.

The Flyers are an interesting choice to play in this game considering they aren't really a rival of the Bruins. It has been known for a while that Fenway would be the site of the next Winter Classic, and apparently the Flyers beat out the Washington Capitals as the opponent for the Bruins. Rumors have been circulating that the NHL wanted to promote Alex Ovechkin in the game but NBC, who will televise the game, wants the big Philadelphia hockey market watching the game for maximum ratings.

The Winter Classic should feature two division rival teams duking it out in the snow, so I would have preferred the Flyers playing the Penguins or Rangers for their first Winter Classic, but I can't complain. Seeing the Flyers playing outdoors in a game that will be watched by every hockey fan and even some casual sports fans will be great. I just hope we get a nice helping of snow as the backdrop for an exciting game.

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