Sunday, June 14, 2009

Phillies bullpen roulette continues: Walker up, Escalona down

Extra inning games, rain delays, injuries and general ineffectiveness have taken their toll on the Phillies bullpen, so they are forced to once again call on reinforcements. First, Kyle Kendrick had a shot, but he got sent down after reminding us just how bad a pitcher he really is. Next up was Sergio Escalona, who had previously not given up any runs in his big league appearances. After giving up three hits, walking two and giving up a pair of runs yesterday, Escalona has also been sent back the minors.

Enter Tyler Walker. The Phillies called up the 33 year old veteran who last pitched in the majors with the Giants in 2008 and posted a 4.56 ERA in 53 innings. He was the Giants 8th inning setup guy for most of last year, but figures to be in much more low-leverage situations with the Phillies. Still, Walker is a veteran pitcher who could stick if he is effective.

I figured I might as well update the bullpen roles since they are changing daily! The Phillies seem to be missing a lefty specialist now, since Taschner is more likely to pitch multiple innings than to just one batter. I've listed Chad Durbin twice because he has shown he can fill either role.

Long relief:
Chan Ho Park
Chad Durbin

Lefty who can go multiple innings:
Jack Taschner

7th inning:
Clay Condrey
Tyler Walker

8th inning:
J.C. Romero
Chad Durbin

Ryan Madson

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