Monday, June 15, 2009

Royal Ivey declines a second season with the Sixers

Now that the Lakers have brought home the title, the NBA offseason has officially begun. For the Sixers, the offseason is already in full swing as they made a deal just a few days ago for a shooter in Jason Kapono, and they have now learned that guard Royal Ivey won't be returning to the team. Ivey declined his option for the 09/10 season, walking away from a contract that would have paid him slightly less than a million bucks. Ivey wasn't much of a contributor for the Sixers this past season, playing about a dozen minutes a game and averaging three points while playing solid defense. Ivey likely thinks he can be a bigger contributor to another team, so he opted out to get more playing time elsewhere.

Losing Ivey isn't a big loss for the Sixers. Ivey could play both guard positions but he was a more natual shooting guard, and with Willie Green, Lou Williams and Andre Iguodala all under contract, he simply wasn't going to get much playing time. Losing him doesn't change their number one priority this offseason: getting a point guard. Whether they bring back Andre Miller or find someone in the draft, the Sixers have to bring someone in to run the show.

With the loss of Royal Ivey, the possible loss of Andre Miller and the impending departures of Donyell Marshall, Theo Ratliff and Kareem Rush, the Sixers currently have 9 players under contract for next season. Looking at their roster below, it is clear they are loaded with forwards and they will need to sign a pair of point guards and bring in a backup center.

Andre Iguodala
Willie Green
Lou Williams

Elton Brand
Thaddeus Young
Jason Kapono
Marreese Speights
Jason Smith

Samuel Dalembert


Corey R said...

No sweat in my book. Royal wasn't that big of a contributor and although Kapono is a forward I think he is a much better pick-up for the team. I'm a huge college basketball fan and of course with this year's draft the Sixers are almost a lock to pick an unexciting guard from VCU. Although highly unrealistic, I would love to see them take Andre Miller back, get rid of Brand (in some miraculous way), pick DeJuan Blair, and sign Turkoglu. It's nice to hope haha.

allthingsphilly said...

I did hear that Turkoglu is going to be a free agent... I wonder if he could be lured to Philly. Of course, Iguodala or Young would have to go if they bring in Turk, so it probably won't happen.