Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brian Westbrook to have surgery, but you can relax

As you have no doubt heard by now, Brian Westbrook will be going under the knife for the second time this offseason. Westbrook previously had surgery on his left knee and now will have a minor procedure to clear out some bone spurs in his ankle. There is no known timetable for his return, but some have speculated he could miss the entire training camp, although no one is saying he will miss any regular season games.

Cue the panic attacks from Eagles fans. Look, we all know that Brian Westbrook is the Eagles offense, when he's on, the Birds puts up a ton of points, but this news isn't something you should spend your time worrying about. Westbrook is so perpetually banged up, it would be bigger news if he came out and said he was 100% healthy. It's also funny to see all the stories about how LeSean McCoy needs to get ready because he is going to need to step up in Westbrook's absence, and that the Eagles should go out and get another veteran running back to fill the void. No one is saying that Westbrook is going to miss any regular season games, so at what point was McCoy going to step up? In the meaningless exhibition games that Westbrook might possibly miss, which he never plays in anyway?

Brian Westbrook is having surgery and will need some time to recover. Big deal, we've all been through this before. There is no need to panic: when the bell rings and the games count, you can bet Westbrook will be ready to play.

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