Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eagles, McNabb officially agree on restructured contract

The rumors have been out there for the last few days, and now it is official. The Eagles and Donovan McNabb have restructured the star quarterback's contract, giving him a raise from the 19.2 million he would have earned over the last two years of his deal. No word has come out yet as to how much more he will make, but you can bet it will place McNabb amongst the highest paid quarterbacks in the league.

To be clear, this deal is not an extension, just a re-working of McNabb's current deal. I obviously think this is a smart move for the Eagles, they have plenty of space under the salary cap so they might as well take care of their best player. There is no reason not to keep the star player happy, right? Of course, now the Lito Sheppard's and Sheldon Brown's of the world will complain even more about not getting their deals re-done, but too bad for them. McNabb deserves the extra money just for all the crap we have put him through here in Philly.

Update: McNabb will make 24.5 million in the final two years of his deal, with the possibility of 1 million more in incentives. A nice 5 million dollar raise for Donovan.

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