Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ESPN picks against the Flyers again

When will ESPN learn? For the third series in a row, Scott Burnside of ESPN has picked against the Philadelphia Flyers. In the first round, Burnside selected the Capitals in six games, in the second he picked the Canadiens in five. This time, Burnside predicts that the Penguins will beat the Flyers in six games to move on to the Stanley Cup Final. He sites the Penguins ability to capitalize on the Flyers penalties and the solid goaltending of Marc-Andre Fleury as the reasons the Pens will get past their cross-state rivals.

Burnside's prediction should give Flyers' fans confidence. He has underestimated the Flyers in every series and couldn't be futher from an expert on the NHL. Yes, the Penguins are the better team on paper, but the Flyers have all the intangibles that winning teams need: grit, leadership and good goaltending.

In the Western Conference match-up, Burnside picks the Red Wings in seven.

I will post more "expert" predictions in the next few days as well as my own thoughts on the series later in the week.


Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty obvious anyone can be an "expert" and make a pick. Only reason why their stupid opinions are published or broadcast is b/c of the experience that goes with their job. It's almost like being a movie critic except there's only 4 movies left.

All that being said, I'm a Pens fan and, even though the Flyers will give them a tougher time on the scoreboard then the Rangers (Rangers weren't really outplayed, just on the short end of scores), I believe the Pens pull it out in six as well.

All else equal we're just too good at home.

BTW, if the arrogant Biron shows his glove after saves like he did against Montreal the series might get shorter (I hope someone whacks his wrist if he does it).

EnriqueFed said...

It's a good thing ESPN doesn't know anything about hockey