Thursday, May 15, 2008

Game 4 Flyers vs. Penguins Live Game Blog

Unfortunately, I won't be able to do the usual live blog tonight for Game Four. Let's hope the Flyers find a way to continue their season so I can have a Game Five Live Blog on Sunday! Go Flyers!

I will post some updates here as the game goes on for those of you following the game. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Check back soon for my postgame blog post!

Richards and Crosby go at it and then everyone bunches up again! This is Flyers hockey!

10:09 pm BRAWL!!
Hatcher and Malone are fighting, everyone on the ice is pushing each other....Penguins are frustrated, love it!

10:08 pm FLYERS 4, PENGUINS 2 GOAL: Lupul J
offrey Lupul punches in an empty netter to seal the victory for the Flyers!

10:06 pm (1 min left)
Fleury to the bench! Here come the Penguins!

10:04 pm (1:22 left)
Penguins call a timeout. Expect Fleury to go to the bench soon for a 6 on 5.

10:03 pm
Staal is playing well, if the Flyers don't slow him down he's gonna tie this up! (1:30 left)

10:01 pm
Still 3-2, the Penguins have all the momentum now. The Flyers have gone back into a shell and are just hoping to withstand the rush. (3:20 left)

9:56 pm FLYERS 3, PENGUINS 2 GOAL: Staal
Penguins cut the gap to one..... we're in for a frantic finish here! (Under 6 mins left)

9:36 pm FLYERS 3, PENGUINS 1 GOAL: Staal
Good hustle goal there for Staal cuts the lead down to 2. No shutout for Biron!

You can bet the game is going to get chippy now with the way these two teams feel about each other.

9:14 pm SECOND PERIOD OVER, Flyers still lead 3-0.
Philly is 20 minutes away from forcing a return trip to Pittsburgh for Game Five!

9:11 pm
Briere is slashed by Sykora. Another PEEEEECOOOOO Power play!

9:06 pm
This is the Biron we saw in rounds 1 and 2. He is piling up the saves and making it look easy.

9:02 pm
Penguins go on the power play now with Carter going to the box for tripping. Gotta keep the Penguins off the board, there is still plenty of time for them to come back.

8:59 pm
Crowd is really having an impact tonight. Flyers feeding off it and continuing to make big hits. Wonder if this can continue back in Pittsburgh in Game Five.

8:52 pm
Prospal looks like a new man tonight. He makes a few great plays from the seat of his pants. These new lines have certainly lit a fire under the Flyers. (10 minutes left in the 2nd)

8:45 pm
Fleury ROBS Briere. Love Briere's jump tonight.

8:44 pm
Upshall looks PISSED. He goes after Sykora with a vengeance after Sykora gives him a cheap shot to the head. 4 on 4 for two minutes.

8:43 pm
Flyers piling up the shots today, already accumulating 18 shots. This is a completely different team than the one that looked defeated in Game Three.

As NJFlyer says in the comment section, it's time to step on the throats of the Penguins!

By far the best period the Flyers have had against the Penguins. Tons of jump and hustle has led to a dominant effort over the Penguins so far. Where was this in Games 1-3?

8:17 pm FLYERS 3, PENGUINS 0 GOAL: Carter
Flyers capitalize with another power play goal. Carter get the puck past Fleury after a rebound. Looks like the Penguins decided not to show up tonight.

8:14 pm
Thoreson back in the line-up tonight, thankfully Downie is out. Players going at it again after the whistle. Flyers back on the power play AGAIN! (Under 3 minutes left)

8:05 pm
Flyers get a TON of chances, nothing doing yet on this power play. Tons of hitting and pushing after the whistle, looks like the Penguins are getting frustrated. This is exactly the type of game the Flyers wanted.

8:04 pm
Flyers back on the power play. They're gonna bury the Pens at this rate!

7:59 pm: FLYERS 2, PENGUINS 0 GOAL: Briere
Flyers take a 2 goal lead on Briere's power play goal. The offense is clicking tonight!

7:56 pm:
Flyers get their own powerplay. They look like a completely different team right now, much more like the team that dominated the Canadiens.

7:53 pm: FLYERS 1, PENGUINS 0 GOAL: Lupul
Joffrey Lupul scores after the Flyers keep the pressure on. The shot deflected past Fleury to give the Flyers an early lead. This is the best the offense has looked all series. (11 mins left in the first)

7:51 pm:
Best chance on the power play is a Mike Richards shorthanded breakaway, unfortunately he didn't score. Richards is such an opportunist on when on the penalty kill.

7:49 pm:
Penguins get the first power play of the night. Briere goes off for tripping. It looked to me that he was just playing the puck.

7:46 pm:
Biron is on early making big stops on Malkin and Crosby.

7:42 pm:
Briere with a great early chance... love the new line of Richards/Briere/Hartnell

7:41 pm: Game is under way!


hpo said...

There's one minute left in the 1st right now, and I'm blown away by the turning of the tides! Let's hope they keep it up!!

NJFlyers said...

Hell yes!!! Now don't sit back, keep attacking! We must crush them in this game, not just win. Step on their neck and don't lift your foot. GO FLYERS!!!

hpo said...

i LOVE how loud the crowd is!