Saturday, May 3, 2008

McNabb not happy about Eagles offseason moves?

Uh oh, here we go again. Donovan McNabb was interviewed at minicamp by Paul Domowitch, and this was his response to the question of whether he was happy with the Eagles offeason moves:

"It wasn't to my liking. It's hard to put pressure on these young guys coming in. You wouldn't throw them into the fire like that. I think it's good that we have the (other) guys back healthy and we all can get out there, and those young guys can kind of contribute where they can. But for the veterans, it's an important season for us."

McNabb isn't happy that the Eagles didn't go out and do more to improve on both sides of the ball. Later in the interview, McNabb says that he doesn't necessarily think they need more receivers, but you know that is what he wanted all along when he made a call for more playmakers. He is happy that the Birds brought in Asante Samuel for the defensive side of the ball, but apparently DeSean Jackson and Lorenzo Booker aren't enough for him to work with on offense.

Also in the interview with Domowitch, McNabb says he is feeling healthy and he still feels that this team can win a Super Bowl, it will just be on the veterans to make it happen.

I am sure these latest comments will create quite a buzz around Philly and in the national media.

For the entire interview, click here.

UPDATE: Domowitch believes that McNabb didn't express himself properly and that the exchange doesn't reflect displeasure with the team's moves. Here is the exchange as Domowitch believes it happened:
Question: Are the offseason changes to your liking?
McNabb: It wasn't (about) my liking (the changes). It's about the team.

Not sure if that really clarifies anything, but the rest of McNabb's statements don't really show much negativity towards the offseason moves.

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