Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Former Phillie Gavin Floyd loses no-hit bid in the 9th inning

(AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)
Former Phillie pitching prospect Gavin Floyd was always known as a guy full of potential and great stuff, but he was never able to put it all together on the mound. After suffering through a terrible 2006 season where he started 11 games for the Phillies and posted an ERA of 7.29, Floyd was shipped to the White Sox in the deal that brought Freddy Garcia to the Phils. Floyd looked like his usual terrible self for most of last season, but he looks like he may have finally harnessed his ability in 2008.

Floyd entered tonight's game against the Minnesota Twins with a 2-1 record and an ERA of 2.61 and proceeded to flash the potential we all waited for in Philadelphia. He pitched the best game of his career, no-hitting the Twins through 8 1/3 innings. He didn't exactly dominate the game as he walked three batters and even allowed a run in the 4th inning on a sacrifice fly, but he still looked quite impressive. Floyd left the game in the ninth inning after giving up his first hit of the game to Joe Mauer, but the White Sox held on to beat the Twins 7-1.

Gavin Floyd might be a guy the Phillies want back especially given the way Freddy Garcia's Phillies career went. Of course, he could just as easily slip back into the bad habits and mind-numbingly frustrating performances he displayed as a Phillie.

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