Thursday, May 1, 2008

Eagles won't sign troubled receiver Adarius Bowman

The Philly faithful are salivating so badly for a receiver, they'll jump on any rumor that involves bringing one to the Eagles. Rumors about Adarius Bowman, a wide receiver from Oklahoma State who went undrafted last weekend, signing with the Eagles have been flying for the last 24 hours but today it appears that it won't happen. It was first reported by and then by that Bowman signed with the Eagles, but according to the latest report from, the Eagles have not signed him and have no interest in bringing him to Philadelphia.

Bowman has immense talent, and would have been picked in the first three rounds if it wasn't for a litany of off-field issues. Bowman, a 6 foot 4 receiver who would fit the Eagles need for a big red zone threat, faces up to a year in jail after pleading guilty to possession of marijuana. The Eagles have had their fill of receivers with off-field issues, so don't count on Bowman coming to Philly any time soon.

Bowman had a productive career at Oklahoma State and may yet have a great pro career but it won't be in an Eagle uniform. The Eagles have plenty of receivers coming to camp anyway given the recent influx of DeSean Jackson at the draft and the three other undrafted wide receivers they picked up earlier in the week. They'll have plenty of bodies, but there is no telling if that will be enough talent. Right now it looks like they have a couple of guys who are really complementary receivers, trading for a true number one would make everything look a whole lot better.

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