Monday, October 4, 2010

Vick to miss 1-2 weeks with rib injury

It looks like the Kevin Kolb era has been re-started, at least for a few weeks. On a radio show on WXTG Radio 102.1, Vick discussed his injury and said he would miss "maybe a week, maybe two weeks" as the cartilage damage in his ribs heals. That means that Vick will definitely miss the Niners game this week but he could be back against the Falcons at home in Week 6.

Whether Vick is the starter when he returns is another story. Andy Reid has already established that a player can lose his job because of an injury, so a strong performance by Kevin Kolb could put Vick back on the bench. Kolb will obviously have to play much better than he did last week against the Redskins, however, if he has any hopes of taking his job back. Maybe a week of preparation as the starter will help Kolb become more aware of the fact that he is allowed to throw the ball to his wide receivers.

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