Monday, October 18, 2010

Kevin Kolb likely to start in Week 7

And the Eagles quarterback carousel continues to turn. After his performance on Sunday, you knew that all of the talk this week would be about whether Kevin Kolb should be the starting quarterback for the Eagles. Well, according to Andy Reid, it appears Kolb will get the nod for next week.

In his day after press conference, Reid said that there is a "pretty good chance" that Kolb will be the starter again this week, speculating that Michael Vick wasn't going to be healthy enough to be effective. Given that the Eagles have a bye after their Week 7 game against the Titans, it makes sense for them to let Vick rest for two more weeks before they throw him back out there. Besides, Kolb proved he was more than capable of leading the offense.

With the NFL trade deadline on Tuesday, Reid also addressed the notion that the team might trade one of their quarterbacks, saying that he wouldn't entertain any trade offers at this time. While we know not to believe everything Reid says, it sounds like he's content with having two good quarterbacks despite the fact that Vick's trade value would never be higher than it is right now.

In other injury news, Reid said that DeSean Jackson would likely be out this week. Given the bye coming in Week 8, it makes sense for Jackson to rest up and hope he can come back for Week 9.

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poker affiliate said...

Kolb struggled early in the season, but has bounced back with two very solid performances and has earned back his starting job. When Vick is healthy it will be interesting to see what Reid does.