Monday, October 11, 2010

Phillies vs. Giants: NLCS Schedule

The schedule is set for the Phillies third straight NLCS appearance. The pitchers for each game have also yet to be announced, but it's a safe bet that we'll see Tim Lincecum vs. Roy Halladay in an epic Game 1.

Game 1: Saturday, October 16th: Giants (Lincecum) @ Phillies (Halladay), 7:57 pm

Game 2: Sunday, October 17th: Giants @ Phillies, 8:19 pm

Game 3: Tuesday, October 19th: Phillies @ Giants, 4:19 pm

Game 4: Wednesday, October 20th: Phillies @ Giants, 7:57 pm

Game 5: Thursday, October 21st: Phillies @ Giants, 7:57 pm

Game 6: Saturday, October 23rd: Giants @ Phillies, 3:57 pm

Game 7: Sunday, October 24th: Giants @ Phillies, 7:57 pm


Luvbeers said...

When do they announce the game times?

Good luck Phils. Don't get cocky like the Cards in 2002 and start thinking about who you might play in the WS then lose the NLCS.

allthingsphilly said...

The times will probably be announced today. I'll update this post then

arthurjba said...

oh god, game 1 gonna be at the same time of flyers x shittysburg, the complex gonna be crazy

allthingsphilly said...

I'm hearing the Flyers might move their game time