Sunday, February 21, 2010


(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Rather than lump this into my daily Flyer recap at the Olympics, I figured the U.S. victory over Canada deserves it's own post. From Ryan Miller's stellar play in net to the timely goals, USA hockey pulled off a great win in one of the best hockey games in recent memory. Yeah, it's only a preliminary game, but the win tonight felt like so much more for the U.S., who hadn't beaten Canada at the Olympics since 1960.

Can you imagine if these two teams play again at some point? Maybe with a gold medal on the line? It would be incredible, to say the least.


jnuzzi08 said...

If Finland wins in regulation, US gets the #2 spot.

If Sweden wins in regulation with at least 8 goals, US gets the #2 spot.

Anything else, US gets the #1 spot!

allthingsphilly said...

Go Sweden! But don't do too well!