Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Michael Vick: Staying or going?

Donovan McNabb isn't the only Eagles quarterback whose future is in question: conflicting reports have arisen over the last few days as to what the Eagles will do with backup quarterback Michael Vick. As you may recall, Vick signed a two year deal with the Eagles prior to last season but the second year is a team option that will see his salary jump to 5 million dollars per year.

On the one hand, Michael Lombardi of NFL Network says that the Eagles will keep Vick around for next season and pay him the big salary he is owed. On the other hand, several reporters, including Sal Paolantonio of ESPN, are saying that the Eagles have told Vick's agent to start shopping him around the league, looking for a team willing to make a trade.

So, what's the real story? The more likely scenario of the two is that the Eagles are exploring trade options for Vick and gauging how much the rest of the league is willing to give up. Pro Football Talk even speculated that Mike Lombardi was told the Eagles wouldn't trade Vick by someone working for the Eagles to drive up the price. That seems like a much more reasonable explanation than the Eagles wanting to pay Vick 5 million dollars to be a backup QB and get on the field three or four times a game next year.

Of course, the fate of Kevin Kolb also has to play into this situation. If the Eagles look to deal Kolb, keeping Vick around makes a lot more sense. What the Eagles could be doing right now is putting out feelers on Vick and Kolb and seeing which one draws more interest with the intention of dealing whichever one nets the higher draft pick.

The Eagles quarterback situation is certainly in flux as any one of the three QB's could be shipped out of town if the right offer is made. With such a glut at the position, I'm willing to bet one of them will be traded and that Vick is the most likely candidate. With Donovan McNabb likely locked in for one more year and Andy Reid not wanting to give up on Kolb just yet, Vick seems like the odd man out. In fact, if someone offered the Eagles a 3rd round pick for Vick, I bet the Eagles will start packing Vick's bags for him.


aida said...

i think they should keep vick and kolby. and let mcnabb go, he has'nt won a super bowl for us yet and
he'll never will.all he does is bring are hopes up high
and then drops us like a ball and that hurts . give one of the other QB a break maybe the'll do something for

Anonymous said...

I think that Philadelphia should deal both McNabb and Vick to acquire as many draft picks in this year's draft as possible because this class is stacked. If Kolb has an amazing team around him, he'll have a lot more success than Jets' rookie Mark Sanchez did this past season.

Philly needs to beef up the running game and solidify the defense that had a huge drop-off after Jim Johnson's death and a boatload of injuries. A stud Defensive End would be a place to start.

Michael Davids said...

If his name weren't Michael Vick, would we be having this discussion? He is pushing 30 and his best days are long behind him. Time to move on. Trade McNabb for whatever the team can get and build around the young offensive guys.

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