Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So long, Westy: Eagles release Brian Westbrook

While this was something we all should have expected, what with his mounting injuries and the emergence of LeSean McCoy, it is still no less surprising: the Eagles have released Brian Westbrook. Westbrook spent 8 years with the Eagles and emerged from a part-time player to one of the biggest weapons in the league. Injuries throughout his career limited his availability but you always knew, when he suited up, that Westbrook was a threat to score every time he touched the ball.

Westbrook was set to earn 7 million dollars next year and clearly the Eagles figured he wasn't going to earn that money. Look for the Birds to try to find a cheaper veteran running back to back up McCoy next season. I suppose there is a minute chance the Eagles could sign Westbrook again to be the backup, but I really doubt it, knowing how the Birds work.

So long, Brian Westbrook. I hope you get to end your NFL career on your own terms, whether that means catching on with another team for a few years or it means riding off into the sunset.

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