Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flyers at the Olympics: Day Five

Day five saw the best performance to date of any Flyer at the Olympics:

Day 5 theme: Kimmo!

Late Friday:
Finland 5, Germany 0
Finally, a Flyer leads his team to victory! Kimmo Timonen notched a pair of powerplay goals as the Fins rolled past the Germans. Timonen deftly ran the point on the Fin powerplay, keeping the puck moving and even firing it on net from deep for one of his goals. His play helped the Fins score 4 times with the man advantage to coast past the usually solid German defense. Former Flyer Joni Pitkanen also had a power play goal for Finland.


Switzerland 5, Norway 4
The Swiss squeaked out their first win of the tournament over the Norwegians when they scored a goal in overtime. After the effort the Swiss showed against the Canadians, this game had to be a letdown for them. Former Flyer Patrick Thoreson (Yep, he's the guy that took that shot to the groin) had three assists for Norway. Both of these countries will need miracles to advance to the semifinals of the tournament.

Slovakia 6, Latvia 0 Oskars Bartulis and the Latvians appear to be the worst team at the Olympics as they have now been outscored 19-4 in their three losses. Miraculously for Bartulis, he had a plus/minus of 0 despite getting 21 minutes of icetime in this blowout. The Latvians need the second coming of Arturs Irbe if they want to compete at the Olympics.

Games tomorrow (2/21): Germany vs. Belarus, 12 am; Russia vs. Czech Republic, 3 pm; Canada (Richards, Pronger) vs. US, 7:30 pm; Sweden vs. Finland (Timonen), 12 am. Now that's a good slate of games.

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