Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sources: Eagles to give Vick bonus, then trade him

I've been trying to stay away from the Eagles quarterback rumor mill lately, what with the daily updates about suitors for Donovan McNabb who probably won't even be traded and talk of Kevin Kolb getting a contract extension that never actually happened. The latest rumor about Michael Vick, however, seems to make a lot of sense so I thought it was worth passing along.

According to Geoff Mosher of Delaware Online, sources around the NFL believe the Eagles will give Vick his 1.5 million dollar roster bonus that he is due on March 5th and then they will look to trade him to the highest bidder. The thought is that the Eagles would basically be dropping that investment into Vick with the idea that they can turn him around into a mid-level draft pick. They wouldn't be in any rush to make a trade after they give him his bonus, either, since Vick could be moved at any point before the draft and up to training camp without the Eagles having to pay him anything else.

This plan of action makes a lot of sense for the Eagles, who essentially rented Vick for a season and now are looking to get some value in return as he gets shipped out of town. While the list of teams who might want Vick might not be that long (Rams, Bills, Browns?), all it takes is for one team to look at Vick as a potential short-term solution as a starting quarterback and the Eagles should get the price they are looking for. What the Eagles do from there with McNabb and Kolb is anyone's guess, although I'm still on record believing that the Eagles will stick with McNabb as the starter for at least one last season before the Kevin Kolb era begins.

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