Monday, February 22, 2010

Allen Iverson done with the Sixers?

Almost as quickly as it re-started, the Allen Iverson era may be coming to an end in Philadelphia. Due to family concerns, Iverson won't be with the Sixers on their current road trip and he might not be back with the team ever again. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, the Sixers are currently debating whether they should simply get rid of Iverson, who hasn't been able to consistently suit up for the team since he signed. Apparently Eddie Jordan has already met with the team to discuss Iverson's future but the front office has yet to decide whether to cut the veteran guard loose.

If it was any other player who didn't have a long history with the club, the Sixers would have little problem cutting Iverson. As it is, he really isn't needed on a team that is looking towards the future. Since all Iverson is doing right now on the Sixers is taking playing time away from Lou Williams and Jrue Holiday, dropping him really won't have a big impact on the club. For a team that has little hope of making the playoffs anyway, there is no reason to have Iverson around.

It's safe to say the Allen Iverson experiment this season has been a failure. He brought back the fans for a game or two but since then he hasn't added much. Sure, he has been a nice veteran influence when he has been around but he has missed too many games to have a positive impact on the young guys on the team. While it will certainly be a anticlimactic ending to his career in Philly, it's time for the Sixers to move on without him.

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