Monday, December 15, 2008

Ugh: Phillies sign Chan Ho Park, may use him as starter

There's nothing like signing a pitcher who hasn't been good since 2001 to help you defend your World F'n Championship: the Phillies have signed Chan Ho Park to a one year deal worth a minimum of 2.5 million dollars. Park, 35, is a 15 year veteran who started his career with the Dodgers but has since bounced around with the Rangers, Padres, Mets and back to the Dodgers last season. He has a career record of 117-92 and a career ERA of 4.34.

The signing of Park as a bullpen option would actually be a pretty good move, he could make a good long relief option. Unfortunately, it looks like the Phillies want to give him a shot at the rotation since Park stated that one of the reasons he signed was because the Phillies "considered me a starter". Let's hope the Phils were just saying that to be nice because there is no way Park should be a starting pitcher on any team that thinks they are going to the playoffs.

If the signing of Park is meant to replace Jamie Moyer then the Phillies are clueless. At this point of his career, Park is beyond washed up as a starter. He could still be effective out of the bullpen, as he was last year with the Dodgers, so let's hope the Phillies envision him as a long reliever who will get the occasional emergency start.

Of course, I will be more optimistic of this signing if he drops kicks a few Mets.

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