Monday, December 15, 2008

Phillies re-sign Old Man Moyer

The old man will be back. Right on the heels of the Chan Ho Park signing, the Phillies agreed to a two year deal with Jamie Moyer. Moyer is 46 and can barely throw faster than his age but he was an extremely valuable member of the Phillies Championship rotation. Not only did he win 16 games for the Phils last season, he also served as a mentor for the rest of the pitching staff. Having Moyer around is basically like having a second pitching coach.

While one might question how effective Moyer will be at the end of the deal when he is 48 years old, we should all know by now that Moyer's pitching style isn't one that should degrade. For 2009, he will slot in as the 4th pitcher in the rotation behind Cole Hamels, Brett Myers and Joe Blanton and will hopefully leave Park out of the mix. I would look for Carlos Carrasco, J.A. Happ or Kyle Kendrick in the 5th spot of the rotation.

This signing likely completes the Phillies pitching rotation and will be the last big move of the Phillie offseason. They may still look for some complementary parts but they won't be signing any other everyday players. Your 2009 Phillies will look nearly the same as the 2008 version, not that that's a bad thing!

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