Friday, December 26, 2008

NFL Week 17 Predictions

With playoff spots and playoff positioning still on the line, here are my picks for Week 17. At the end of the picks, I will break down what the playoff match-ups will look like if everything goes as I predict.

Remember, all picks are made without taking the spread into consideration.

Record Last Week: 8-8, .500
Overall Record: 152-88, .633

Sunday Early Games:

Rams (2-13) @ Falcons (10-5)
Atlanta can still win the NFC South so you can bet they will play their starters the whole time in this one. The Rams are simply playing out the string so expect them to get whipped in Atlanta. My pick: Falcons

Patriots (10-5) @ Bills (7-8)
The Pats won't know their fate until later in the day so they must play this one to win. Look for the Bills to keep it closer than you would think but there is no way the Patriots will be denied. My pick: Patriots

Chiefs (2-13) @ Bengals (3-11-1)
Do I have to pick this one? The Bengals can only beat the terrible teams and the Chiefs are certainly terrible. However, I think Kansas City can put some points on the board and the Bengals offense is anemic. My pick: Chiefs

Lions (0-15) @ Packers (5-10) The Lions will go 0-16, not even the inconsistent Packers will play poor enough to blow this one. My pick: Packers

Titans (13-2) @ Colts (11-4)
Another completely meaningless game, both teams have clinched their spots in the playoffs. I expect the starters to play a quarter to a half of this game and then it will be scrub ball. Games like this are nearly impossible to predict but I will go with the Titans simply because the Colts will be using Jim Sorgi for an extended period of time and he's awful. My pick: Titans

Giants (12-3) @ Vikings (9-6)
The Giants won't rest their starters the whole game but they also have nothing to play for. The Vikings season will be on the line so I expect Adrian Peterson and the suddenly decent Tarvaris Jackson to pull this one out. My pick: Vikings

Panthers (11-4) @ Saints (8-7)
The Saints are going to do everything they can to get Drew Brees the passing record. Unfortunately, they won't do everything they can to actually try to win the game. If the Panthers win, they will get a first round bye so expect them to win this one big. My pick: Panthers

Browns (4-11) @ Steelers (11-4)
The Steelers really have nothing to play for but even their backups should be able to beat the crappy Browns. My pick: Steelers

Raiders (4-11) @ Bucs (9-6)
The Eagles need the Raiders to come up big for their season to stay alive. Unfortunately, there is a better chance for someone to build a time machine and go back in time to teach Donovan McNabb that you can have ties in the NFL than for the Bucs to lose this one. My pick: Bucs

Bears (9-6) @ Texans (7-8)
If the Vikings lose, the Bears can win the NFC North with a win. This is another game that the Eagles will be watching closely and rooting for the Texans. Once again, don't get your hopes up Eagles fans. My pick: Bears

Sunday Late Games:

Dolphins (10-5) @ Jets (9-6)
If the Patriots win the early game this week, the Jets would be unable to win the AFC East although they would still be alive for the Wild Card. As you'll see later, I don't think the Jets make the playoffs but I still think they will enjoy playing the role of spoiler as they knock the Dolphins out of the running. My pick: Jets

Cowboys (9-6) @ Eagles (8-6-1) If the Cowboys win, they are in. At this point in the day, the Eagles will probably have learned that they won't be making the playoffs but that doesn't mean they will just roll over for the Cowboys. Jobs and possibly careers are on the line for the Eagles so I expect them to play with a lot more energy and heart than they did last week. Besides, we all know how well the Eagles play when the pressure is off and they seemingly have nothing to play for. This could be Donovan McNabb's last game as an Eagle, although I would bet money he's back in Philly next year. Either way, he should have a good game. My pick: Eagles

Jaguars (5-10) @ Ravens (10-5)
Just like the Cowboys, the Ravens control their own destiny. Unlike the Cowboys, the Ravens play a crummy team and will actually win. My pick: Ravens

Redskins (8-7) @ Niners (6-9)
These two teams have coaches that are playing for their jobs. Jim Zorn has taken heat for how the Redskins have faded this season while Mike Singletary is just looking to be the permanent coach. This one should be a low-scoring affair and I actually think the Niners pull it out. My pick: Niners

Seahawks (4-11) @ Cardinals (8-7)
Have you ever seen a team limp into the playoffs like the Cardinals have? They certainly don't deserve to continue their season, there are easily 3 or 4 NFC teams that won't be in the playoffs that can beat the Cardinals. My guess is they will play their starters for most of this game and secure a large lead. The Seahawks will make a late charge but I think the Cardinals hold on. My pick: Cardinals

Sunday Night Game:

Broncos (8-7) @ Chargers (7-8)
I'm with those that think you shouldn't be able to make the playoffs with an 8-8 record. Everything sets up perfectly for the Chargers to squeak out the AFC West even though they don't deserve it. After they win it will set up another Chargers/Colts playoff match-up which you shouldn't automatically assume that the Colts will win. My pick: Chargers

NFC Playoffs:
Byes: (1) Giants, (2) Panthers
First Round Match-ups: (6) Bucs @ (3) Vikings, (5) Falcons @ (4) Cardinals

AFC Playoffs:
Byes: (1) Titans, (2) Steelers
First Round Match-ups: (6) Ravens @ (3) Patriots, (5) Colts @ (4) Chargers

Those are my picks for Week 17. Check back next week for my playoff predictions!

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