Friday, December 5, 2008

NFL Week 14 Predictions

Here are my picks for Week 14. Remember, all picks are made without taking the spread into consideration.

Record Last Week: 10-6, .625
Overall Record: 121-70-1, .633

Thursday Night Game:

Raiders (3-9) @ Chargers (4-9)
Trust me, I made this pick before the game even though this is being posted on Friday. My pick: Chargers

Sunday Day Games:

Jaguars (4-8) @ Bears (6-6)
The Jags have given up, even Fred Taylor admits that. My pick: Bears

Vikings (7-5) @ Lions (0-12)
This may be the last winnable game for the Lions, but that doesn't win they are actually going to win. Adrian Peterson may go over 300 yards in this game. My pick: Vikings

Texans (5-7) @ Packers (5-7)
The Packers are too good to be 5-7. How many wins would they have if Brett Favre was still the QB? 7? 8?. My pick: Packers

Browns (4-8) @ Titans (11-1)
The Ken Dorsey era begins in Cleveland. The Titans dominance continues. My pick: Titans

Bengals (1-10-1) @ Colts (8-4)
The Colts certainly haven't played that well this season but they've had a lot of fortunate bounces go their way. They won't need any fortune in this one. My pick: Colts

Falcons (8-4) @ Saints (6-6)
I have made a habit of picking against the Falcons too many times and for the Saints too many times. I won't make that mistake this week. My pick: Falcons

Eagles (6-5-1) @ Giants (11-1)
I would love to pick an Eagles win that would catapult them to a late season run at the playoffs but it just isn't going to happen. Even without Eagle-killer Plaxico Burress, the Giants are simply too versatile to lose to Philly. My pick: Giants

Jets (8-4) @ Niners (4-8)
Which Jets team will show up on Sunday? I think it will be the one that whups the Niners. My pick: Jets

Chiefs (2-10) @ Broncos (7-5)
The Broncos are going to get smoked in the first round of the playoffs but they should be able to dominate the Chiefs. My pick: Broncos

Dolphins (7-5) @ Bills (6-6)
The Bills are fading fast and the Dolphins are making their late-season playoff push. Don't count the Fins out yet, they have a cupcake schedule. My pick: Dolphins

Patriots (7-5) @ Seahawks (2-10)
This one is a total "blah" game for me. The Patriots have to win this one to keep their Wild Card hopes going. My pick: Patriots

Rams (2-10) @ Cardinals (7-5)
The Cardinals aren't a good football team, they just play in an awful division. My pick: Cardinals

Cowboys (8-4) @ Steelers (9-3)
The first of three tough picks. Marion Barber and Willie Parker are both banged up, both would have had big games on Pittsburgh's muddy field if they were healthy. The Steelers are the better all-around team. My pick: Steelers

Sunday Night Game:

Redskins (7-5) @ Ravens (8-4)
I think the Redskin's season is fading away while the Ravens are only going up from here. My pick: Ravens

Monday Night Game:

Bucs (9-3) @ Panthers (9-3)
These NFC South games are tough to predict, so I'll just take the home team like I do in the NFC North clashes. My pick: Panthers

Thoughts or predictions of your own? Leave a comment!

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