Friday, December 12, 2008

NFL Week 15 Predictions

Here are my picks for Week 15. Remember, all picks are made without taking the spread into consideration. If you're looking for a place for picks with the spread, try the free football picks at

Record Last Week: 12-4, .750
Overall Record: 133-74-1, .642

Thursday Night Game:

Saints (7-6) @ Bears (7-6)
Finally a good game on Thursday night. These two teams are pretty even overall but I like the Bears at home in the freezing cold to slow down Drew Brees and the Saints. My pick: Bears

Sunday Day Games:

Bucs (9-4) @ Falcons (8-5)
I'm sticking with my plan of taking the home team in these NFC South match-ups. I also really like the Falcons and their "Big Three" of Matt Ryan, Michael Turner and Roddy White. They should be good for years to come. My pick: Falcons

Redskins (7-6) @ Bengals (1-11-1)
The Redskins are slipping but not far enough to lose to the terrible Bengals. I also expect Clinton Portis to go off and prove to his coach that he should never be benched. My pick: Redskins

Lions (0-13) @ Colts (9-4)
The Lions missed their best chance at a victory. The Colts are back to being the Colts and that means another blowout win. My pick: Colts

Chargers (5-8) @ Chiefs (2-11)
This one should be close but the Chargers are still too talented to fall to the Chiefs. My pick: Chargers

Packers (5-8) @ Jaguars (4-9)
The Packers are an absolutely maddening team, they should be much better. How did they lose to the Texans at home last week? Aaron Rodgers is a good quarterback but I don't think he knows how to win yet. That said, the Jags have given up so the Packers should come out on top. My pick: Packers

Titans (12-1) @ Texans (6-7)
The Titans might be ripe for the picking and the Texans seem like the type of team that could knock them off but I still believe in Tennessee. The Texans are playing great football right now but I don't see them slowing down the Titans running game. My pick: Titans

Seahawks (2-11) @ Rams (2-11)
Who cares? I guess I'll go with Seattle because of their near win last week against the Patriots. My pick: Seahawks

Niners (5-8) @ Dolphins (8-5)
Here come the Dolphins in the AFC East! They will continue to be in the mix with their easy schedule. My pick: Dolphins

Bills (6-7) @ Jets (8-5)
Boy, the Jets really laid an egg against the Niners, didn't they? They ruined their division lead but they'll bounce back this week. My pick: Jets

Vikings (8-5) @ Cardinals (8-5)
The Cardinals are home this week against a Vikings team that has difficulty stopping the pass. Kurt Warner's eyes will light up all day. This is definitely a game I would look to put some money on over at the sportsbook at My pick: Cardinals

Broncos (8-5) @ Panthers (10-3)
I am sure I have said it before, but the Broncos could be the worst division winner ever. The Panthers look really solid coming off their Monday Night win, and who knew that Deangelo Williams was such a stud? My pick: Panthers

Steelers (10-3) @ Ravens (9-4)
Whoever gets to double digits first will win this game. I really like how the Ravens are playing but the Steelers are still the better team. My pick: Steelers

Patriots (8-5) @ Raiders (3-10)
Who would have thought the Pats would still be in the hunt for the AFC East title with the way they are playing. They will stay at the top after stomping the Raiders. My pick: Patriots

Sunday Night Game:

Giants (11-2) @ Cowboys (8-5)
The Giants may have been exposed by the Eagles a bit. With Plaxico Burress out, teams can play to stop the run because the Giants don't have anyone you really fear on the outside. It's the old strategy of making Eli beat you. Of course, the Cowboys have issues of their own. As an Eagles fan, I love the fact that Dallas is unable to win any big game. This is a big game, so expect Tony Romo to come up small. Again. My pick: Giants

Monday Night Game:

Browns (4-9) @ Eagles (7-5-1)
You have to like the Eagles in this one, they are playing their best football at just the right time. With their backs against the wall, and possibly their career in Philadelphia on the line, Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid have responded by playing great football and making good play calls. Reid has finally gotten the hint that you need the run the ball to win in the NFL. The Vegas Line for this one is somewhere near two touchdowns, I look for the Eagles, if they play the way they have the last two weeks, to cover for sure. My pick: Eagles

Those are my picks for Week 15. Agree or disagree? Leave a comment!

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