Friday, October 17, 2008

NFL Week 7 predictions

With the Eagles on a bye this week, it's a good chance for Birds fans to sit back and watch the rest of the league. It will be fun to root for the rest of the NFC East to all fall flat again this week.

Let's get right to the picks for Week 7.
As always, all picks are made strictly based on who I think will win and do not take the spread into consideration.

Record Last Week:
8-6, .571
Overall Record: 55-34, .618

Byes: Falcons, Eagles, Cardinals, Jaguars

Sunday Day Games:

Chargers (3-3) @ Bills (4-1) This is a big chance for the Bills to prove that they are a serious contender in the AFC. While the Chargers have hardly been a powerhouse this season, they are still the most talented team in the conference. Expect a low scoring game with these two solid defenses. My pick: The Chargers will knock down the upstart Bills

Vikings (3-3) @ Bears (3-3) This one is a battle for first place in the NFC Central. I'm as surprised as you are that the Vikings are actually tied for first place right now. It just shows that the NFC Central is as bad as the NFC East is good. For the Bears, Kyle Orton has played well this season, so well that we haven't heard anything about Rex Grossman in a long time. Can't say that's a bad thing. My pick: Bears

Steelers (4-1) @ Bengals (0-6) Last week I picked the Bengals thinking they have to get a win eventually. Well, I won't be fooled again this week, especially with Carson Palmer still out. The Steelers may also have Willie Parker back this week and that should further ensure a W for Pittsburgh. My pick: Steelers

Titans (5-0) @ Chiefs (1-4) Okay, when the season started, who thought the Titans would be the last remaning undefeated team? They won't be undefeated for much longer and this NFL season has been pretty screwy but there is no way I can live with myself if I pick the Chiefs. My pick: Titans

Cowboys (4-2) @ Rams (1-4) As I am writing this it appears that Tony Romo will tough it out and try to play through a broken pinky. Wow, what a gamer. Guys play with broken ribs and concussions but Romo will really be able to prove his toughness by playing through his pinky problems. Regardless of whether he plays or not, the Rams are still an awful football team that the Cowboys shouldn't have any trouble with. The addition of Roy Williams should help, although I wonder how Dallas will keep T.O., Whitten, Barber and Williams all happy. There simply aren't enough touches to go around. My pick: Cowboys

Ravens (2-3) @ Dolphins (2-3) This is the first tough pick after a series of no-brainers. I have to hand it to the Dolphins, they continue to mix things up with their offense, keeping the opposition guessing. Miami also plays tough, hard-nosed football, just the way Bill Parcells likes it. The Ravens defense has returned this season but the offense looks like it's the same old plodding attack we have seen for years. My pick: Dolphins at home

Niners (2-4) @ Giants (4-1) After a shocking loss to the Browns last week, expect the Giants to bounce back in a big way against the Niners. The biggest problem with the Niners continues to be the quarterback position. I think the league has figured out J.T. O'Sullivan and his tendency to throw interceptions at the most inopportune times. My pick: San Francisco isn't a team that can be walked all over, but the Giants should be able to win by two touchdowns.

Saints (3-3) @ Panthers (4-2) The Panthers might be the best non-NFC East team in the conference and the Saints offense has been amazing this season so this should be a good game. I think the biggest factor will be how well the Panthers defense, which has looked good this year, can slow down Drew Brees. Marques Colston may or may not return but I don't think it will make a difference because he doesn't play defense. Look for the Panthers to run the ball and control the clock which will neutralize the Saints attack. My pick: Panthers

Lions (0-5) @ Texans (1-4) By trading Roy Williams and announcing Jon Kitna was done for the year, the Lions have effectively given up on the season. The Texans season just started as they finally got a win last week, but they are the best one win team I have ever seen. Even though they only have one more win than the Lions, they are worlds ahead of them in terms of talent. My pick: Texans

Jets (3-2) @ Raiders (1-4) This game will be closer than you think, but really, who do you trust more, Brett Favre or JaMarcus Russell? This is a no-brainer pick no matter where it's played. My pick: Jets

Colts (3-2) @ Packers (3-3) The Colts have risen from the dead, finally winning a game in a convincing manner. They had no business beating either the Vikings or the Texans earlier in the season, so last week was really their first "real" win. Losing Joseph Addai won't hurt them much because he wasn't really doing anything anyway. The Packers will need to win to keep pace in the NFC North but I'm not sure Aaron Rodgers has it in him yet to knock off a top team. My pick: Colts

Browns (2-3) @ Redskins (4-2) No matter what the Browns did last week, this game is still a no-brainer pick. The Redskins will look to bounce back from a bad loss and the Browns will likely fade back to how they played in the beginning of the season. I expect Clinton Portis, the best back in the league right now, to run all over the Browns and the Redskins to win this one convincingly. If they don't, the Eagles will have their target to shoot for as they look to climb back up in the NFC East. My pick: Redskins

Sunday Night Game:

Seahawks (1-4) @ Bucs (4-2) The Seahawks aren't doing it as blatantly as the Lions, but they too have given up on this season. The injuries have piled up on them and they are basically going to pack it in and wait until next year when Matt Hasselbeck is fully healthy. The Bucs aren't lighting the world on fire, but there is no way I am picking a Seattle team that is choosing between Charlie Frye and Seneca Wallace for their starting QB spot. My pick: Bucs

Monday Night Game:

Broncos (4-2) @ Patriots (3-2) This is a tough one to predict. On the one hand, the Broncos have a terrible defense that even Matt Cassel should be able to pick apart. On the other, the Broncos offense should be able to have their way with the slow Patriots D. I guess it's safe to say that this one should be high-scoring, so start all your fantasy guys in this one. My pick: Patriots. I really want to pick against the Pats, but I think Belichick finds a way to patch together a win here.

So those are my picks for Week Seven. If you agree or disagree or have picks of your own, feel free to leave comments!


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