Monday, July 25, 2011

The lockout is over, Football is BACK!

YES!! Finally, the NFL Lockout is over! With the owners and the NFLPA finally both approving the proposed CBA, football can finally get into full swing. Teams are opening their doors to the players tomorrow, with training camp starting Wednesday and free agency will start on Friday.

Highlights of the agreed 10 year deal include a 120 million dollar salary cap with a salary floor, 4 year rookie contracts and more money going to veteran players. The salary floor will likely have the most immediate impact on the league as several teams are forced to spend big money to get themselves compliant with the rules.

The first order of business for the Eagles will be to trade Kevin Kolb, who has been linked to the Cardinals for weeks now. Andy Reid has said all along that he has a plan in place once free agency begins so we'll see what that entails and whether the new salary cap has any affect on what the Birds can accomplish. Expect Kolb to be dealt immediately tomorrow.

It's so good to talk about football again. These next few weeks are going to be crazy as teams quickly ramp up for a season that is just over a month away. With only the Hall of Fame game being cancelled, the Eagles schedule will go ahead as planned with the first exhibition game on August 11th and the regular season opener against the Rams on September 11th.

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