Thursday, July 28, 2011

Eagles bring back Jason Babin

The Eagles made their first unrestricted free agent signing of the offseason, agreeing to a 5 year, 28 million dollar contract with a familiar face in defensive end Jason Babin. Babin, who spent 2009 with the Eagles, was the best pass rusher on the market as he notched 12.5 sacks with the Titans last season. He should make an immediate impact on the opposite side of the line to Trent Cole.

While the signing of Babin is a little uncharacteristic for the Eagles considering his age (31) and the fact that he's only really been great for one year, it does re-unite him with Jim Washburn, the new Eagles defensive line coach who turned him into a pass-rushing stud in 2010. If anyone can make sure the Eagles get the most out of Babin, its Washburn, who is widely regarded as the best line coach in the game.

Signing Babin to a lengthy 5 year deal clearly shows the Eagles were desperate to upgrade their pass rush that was so bad at the end of last season. He should be a great addition to the Eagles defensive end rotation.

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