Saturday, July 30, 2011

Getting richer: Eagles sign DT Cullen Jenkins

I'm starting to feel bad for the other teams in the NFL. In yet another surprising move, the Eagles have signed arguably the best free agent defensive lineman, DT Cullen Jenkins, to a 5 year, 25 million dollar contract. Jenkins is coming off a solid year with the Super Bowl Champion Packers where he recorded 7 sacks.

Jenkins figures to slide into one of the starting defensive tackle spots, likely replacing Brodrick Bunkley, who could get traded or released. He will have some learning to do as he has played in a 3-4 system with the Packers for the last several years but his talent will allow him to make an immediate impact for the Eagles in their 4-3 defense.

The Eagles are clearly going all in in this season, particularly on defense. While they still have a few more moves to make, the team has gotten much better in both the secondary and along the defensive line. Adding Jenkins up front should help the line create more chaos which in turn should make things even easier for an a ridiculously talented secondary. All that is missing now is a middle linebacker and this team will be completely stacked.

Super Bowl or bust.

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