Monday, April 19, 2010

Juqua Parker avoids pot charge

This arrest came so long ago I almost forgot about it. Back in August, during the Eagles training camp, Juqua Parker was arrested for possession of marijuana. Apparently, Parker was in a van driven by Todd Herremans when police pulled the vehicle over and found a small amount of pot under the passenger seat.

Seven months later, all charges against Parker have been dropped. Citing there was no reason for police to search the car, prosecutors in the case decided not to pursue any charges against Parker. Sounds like Parker had a good lawyer.

Since Parker was just a first-time offender, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wasn't likely to suspend him even if he was found guilty. While there is still a chance that Parker could enter the league's rehab program, avoiding legal trouble will ensure that he won't become a bigger blip on the radar of the iron-fisted commissioner.

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