Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brian Boucher saves the Flyers season

I wish I could say I always believed in Brian Boucher. The Flyers default starting goaltender has been nothing but average since taking over for Michael Leighton and has been a big reason why the Flyers playoff hopes began to fade.

Well, with one play tonight against the Maple Leafs, Boucher proved me wrong by basically saving the Flyers season with this amazing save with the Flyers leading 1-0 late in the third:

Boucher went on to lead the Flyers to a 2-0 shutout win which, coupled with losses by the Canadiens, Rangers and Thrashers, basically guaranteed that Philly will make the playoffs.

A few more saves like this one tonight and the Flyers might actually make some noise in the playoffs.

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