Friday, April 23, 2010

Eagles pick two, make flurry of trades on Day 2 of the Draft

Day 2 of the NFL Draft is in the books and the Eagles certainly did their part to make it interesting. After they made their first pick early in the second round, the Eagles kept us all watching as they traded down three seperate times before finally deciding to select another player late in the third round. While all of the trading down may be frustrating for the fans, the Eagles made out with quite a haul, turning the 55th overall pick into five total picks, one in the 3rd round, two in the 4th and one in the 5th. As for who they ended up actually drafting, the Eagles went all defense.

Round 2, pick 5 (37th overall): Nate Allen, S, South Florida
After passing on Earl Thomas in the first round, the Eagles finally got their safety using the pick they got from the Donovan McNabb trade. Allen is a playmaker in the secondary who can also cover quite well for a safety. There has already been talk that Allen could be a cornerback in the NFL but he seems like the perfect free safety for the Eagles. Scouting reports say he isn't a great tackler but it would be nice to have a safety that could actually cover a tight end for once. Several draft experts thought Allen could be better than Earl Thomas in the long run so this could turn out to be quite a steal.

Round 3, pick 22 (86th overall): Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, DE/DT, Washington
The Eagles traded down three times before they drafted Te'o-Nesheim, which probably means they had their sights set on him but didn't want to reach for him. He looks like another guy that can get after the quarterback, as evidenced by his 30 sacks in college. The biggest question on Te'o-Nesheim is his size; scouts wondered if was big enough to actually have an impact along the defensive line in the NFL. Best case scenario with this pick is that he turns into another lineman for the rotation.

The Eagles still have plenty more work to do tomorrow as they still have 9 picks remaining in the 4th through 7th rounds. Look for plenty more wheeling and dealing as there is no way the Birds take that many players.

Here are the Eagles remaining picks:
Round 4, 105th overall
Round 4, 121st overall
Round 4, 122nd overall
Round 4, 125th overall
Round 5, 134th overall
Round 5, 136th overall
Round 6, 200th overall
Round 7, 243rd overall
Round 7, 244th overall

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