Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finally, the Sixers fire Eddie Jordan

The inevitable has finally happened. In what was really the worst kept secret in Philadelphia, one day after their season ended, the Sixers have fired head coach Eddie Jordan after one season. Jordan leaves the Sixers after clearly losing all respect from the players in an abysmal 27-55 season. Nothing Jordan tried with the Sixers worked, including the vaunted Princeton offense he tried to install despite the fact that the personnel in Philly didn't match that system.

From the start of the season, it was clear the Jordan was a bad hire by Ed Stefanski. Stefanski couldn't see past the guy he worked with in New Jersey to see the poor track record Jordan already had in Washington as a head coach. Couple this bad coaching hire with several questionable personnel moves and you have to believe that the Sixers brass will at least discuss removing Stefanski from the GM position as well.

Good riddance, Eddie Jordan. This Sixers team has some talent and can play much better if they are given a system that plays to their strengths and a coach that stresses actually having to play defense. Your guess is as good as mine on who the Sixers go out and hire next; of course, if the rumors are true, we might be seeing Larry Brown back in Philly once again. Hopefully the Sixers have learned from their past mistakes and don't go and get another retread NBA coach; instead, they should look for a smart, energetic assistant coach who can grow with the young guys already on the roster.

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