Thursday, December 17, 2009

NFL Week 15 Predictions

Here are my picks for Week 15 of the NFL season. Remember, all picks are made strictly based on who I think will win and do not take the spread into consideration.

Record Last Week: 12-4, .750
Overall Record: 144-64, .692

Thursday Night Game:

Colts (13-0) @ Jaguars (7-6) I think it's a bit too early for the Colts to be talking about resting starters. Since they'll have a first round bye, their first playoff game is still more than a month away. You can't start gearing down your players when their next game that matters is that far away, there will be too much rust. My pick: Colts

Saturday Night Game:

Cowboys (8-5) @ Saints (13-0) All the talk from New Orleans is that they aren't even thinking about resting the starters, they want the perfect season. When you have a chance to be a legendary team, I think you have to go for it. There are plenty of Super Bowl winners but perfect seasons are few and far between. As for this week, I can't wait to see this team hang another loss on the Cowboys. My pick: Saints

Sunday Day Games:

Patriots (8-5) @ Bills (5-8) Why is Randy Moss already giving up on this team? There is really only one great team in the AFC, the Patriots will have just as good a chance as any team to make a run to the Super Bowl. I guess if it isn't for a perfect season, Moss can't be bothered. My pick: Patriots

Cardinals (8-5) @ Lions (2-11) The Cardinals are the ultimate Jekyll and Hyde team. I think they'll bounce back nicely against the Lions, though. If the mediocre Ravens offense can hang 48 points on Detroit, the Cardinals should at least score 75, right? My pick: Cardinals

Dolphins (7-6) @ Titans (6-7) These two teams still consider themselves playoff contenders. While each is a longshot at best, the winner of this game will eliminate the loser. While I would love to see the Dolphins make a run at knocking out the Patriots, the Titans are the better team right now. My pick: Titans

Browns (2-11) @ Chiefs (3-10) The Chiefs seem to be a part of the worst game every week. My pick: Chiefs

Texans (6-7) @ Rams (1-12) Nice work, Texans! You are so good at beating up bad teams after you have eliminated yourselves from playoff contention! Maybe next year you will learn that you have to actually play the first 10 weeks of the season. My pick: Texans

Falcons (6-7) @ Jets (7-6) While the Falcons nearly knocked off the Saints last week, I still won't pick them with Chris Redman at quarterback. With Matt Ryan and Michael Turner still mending injuries even if they do play, I'll take the Jets. My pick: Jets

Niners (6-7) @ Eagles (9-4) You can't look past the Niners but the Eagles should cruise in this home game. I would expect Alex Smith and the suddenly decent San Francisco offense to put up some points against the suddenly porous Eagle D but I also don't see a scenario where the Eagles don't score 30 points in this game. I shouldn't say that, though, because we all remember the debacle in Oakland this year. My pick: Eagles

Bears (5-8) @ Ravens (7-6) Five years ago a game between these two teams would have ended up 7-3. Now, both teams are a shell of their former defensive selves. At least the Ravens will still be able to pick off Jay Cutler 5 or 6 times. My pick: Ravens

Bengals (9-4) @ Chargers (10-3) Chris Henry is in critical condition as I write this and my thoughts and prayers go out to him. Look for the Bengals to play some inspired football for their critically injured teammate. Unfortunately, the Chargers are cruising towards a first round bye and they won't be denied. My pick: Chargers

Raiders (4-9) @ Broncos (8-5) Who starts at QB for the Raiders this week? Who cares! The Broncos need to win this game to stay ahead in the Wild Card race. My pick: Broncos

Packers (9-4) @ Steelers (6-7) I may regret picking against the Packers again but I have to believe their is still some fight in the World Champs. The Steelers may not have anything to play for but pride at this point but they should have enough to bounce back from the embarrassment of last Thursday. Don't worry, Packers fans, you are making the playoffs no matter what happens here. My pick: Steelers

Bucs (1-12) @ Seahawks (5-8) Terrible game #2 for the week. The Seahawks should win easily. Should. My pick: Seahawks

Sunday Night Game:

Vikings (11-2) @ Panthers (5-8) There weren't any better games to pick for the Sunday Night Game this week? This should be a blowout. My pick: Vikings

Monday Night Game:

Giants (7-6) @ Redskins (4-9) The Giants offense will not look anything like they did last week against the Eagles as the Redskins defense can really slow you down. This one should be the low-scoring NFC East struggle we expected last week on Sunday Night. My pick: Giants

Those are my picks for Week 15 of the NFL Season. Check back every Thursday during the season for the latest predictions. Feel free to discuss, argue or make your own picks in the comment section!


LDUTheCoach said...

Great write up this week!! really enjoy coming to read what you have to say after I post my weekly predictions!!

only games we differ on are the tennessee Miami game and Green Bay Pittsburgh

Miami needs a win to get the playoffs possible (jak. may lose to Indy)

also, I dont trust pittsburgh without polamalu!! I have a big write up why on my site!

good luck this week and feel free to check out my picks @


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