Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Eagles extend Andy Reid through 2013

Say what you will about Andy Reid, and Eagles fans sure have said plenty, but the man has staying power in Philadelphia. In a move that was rumored to be coming for weeks, the Eagles announced that they have extended the contract of Reid, who has been with the team since 1999, for three more years, a move that will keep him in Philly through the year 2013.

You hear what the naysayers say about clock management, his inability to win the big one and his one-dimensional offense but Andy Reid is simply a winner. In his 10+ years with the organization, Reid has won the NFC East 5 times, gotten to the NFC Championship 5 times and has had one Super Bowl appearance. He has the most wins in Eagles coaching history and appears to have the Eagles steered towards another playoff spot this year. What more could you want from a coach than for him to field a competitive team every year?

I know, we all want that Super Bowl Title. Reid will have a few more years to try to get that elusive title, years that he will probably be without Donovan McNabb. That will likely be his most challenging time as an Eagle, the time where the franchise transitions from McNabb to a new quarterback. Reid deserves the chance to be here for that transition.

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