Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A.I. is back in Philly: Iverson signs

Guess who's officially back? After days of rumors, denials and contract offers, Allen Iverson and the Sixers have finally signed on the dotted line: A.I. is a Sixer once again, agreeing to a one year, non-guaranteed contract at the league minimum. Iverson will make his debut with the team on Monday, at home, against the Nuggets.

Whether you love the move because of the nostalgia it will bring or hate the move because it doesn't make much sense from a basketball perspective, the Sixers will at least get the city talking about them once again. Will it make them a title contender? No. Will it get them in the playoffs? Possibly. Will it be entertaining to watch? Every minute.

As Ed Stefanski announced the signing this morning, he noted that "we felt that Allen was the best available free agent guard to help us at this time." It's unclear if Stefanski means the best free agent to help them on the court or in ticket sales.

Welcome back, AI, to the city that wished you never left. Please don't make us regret bringing you back!

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Philadelphia 76ers games said...

Its great news now i have reason to watch Sixers again