Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We'll always have 2008, Phillies fans

I know you feel raw right now, Phillies fans. I know you are downtrodden that our team didn't win another World Series. Before you get too upset, however, you need to keep a little perspective. We still have 2008 and all the memories that went into winning that title. We still have Cole Hamels' mastery, Brad Lidge's perfection, Carlos Ruiz's big hits and Ryan Howard's homers. They still won it all in Harry Kalas' last year. We still have that banner waving in Citizens Bank Park and nothing will take that away.

Not winning this year doesn't erase 2008. No, the Phillies weren't the best team in baseball this year, they were the second best. No, they didn't have enough pitching to slow down the Yankees. And, no, none of the left-handed bats showed up in the World Series except Chase Utley. But, they still deserve credit for getting back to the World Series and giving it everything they had to defend their title. They still gave us plenty of memorable comebacks and brilliant pitching performances, they just didn't quite have enough to get it done against a good Yankees team.

It's okay to be disappointed that the 2009 Phillies didn't get it done, just don't ever forget that the Phillies were the 2008 World F'n Champions.

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